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farm girl boutique

Farm girl is a western boutique and general store that carries a huge variety of items!
Everything from apparel, home decor, baby items, well known brands and more! They strive to make you feel beautiful and confident each and every day with their stylish and functional items! I am completely obsessed with everything this brand has to offer!

I have the opportunity to partner with this amazing business as an affiliate and not only share their mission with you but also offer you 10% off your next purchase! (it's a win win for both of us!)

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I'm a western wedding photographer, business educator, and host of The Branded Cowgirl Podcast. In other words, I wear a lot of different hats. But one thing I know for sure is... those hats will always be paired with a cute outfit thanks to Farm Girl Boutique.

I am completely obsessed with not only the items this boutique carries but also with everything they stand for. As someone who is in the agriculture industry I always love to support other farmers and ranchers.

If you love western fashion, home decor and more.... you will love Farm Girl!

howdy! my name is sarah elrod!