content calendar for photographers



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planned for you!


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Spend less time planning & more time creating with this entire years worth of content ideas!

"i have been using it and OMG! So much stress releif!! Thanks for doing the thinking for me so i could focus on other things in my business and enjoy my weekends!"

- summer gonzalez

stop overthinking what to post today

it's time to get back to what you love

Do you struggle to post consistently because you are always second guessing what to post on any given day?

Do you wish you could just have someone literally tell you exactly what to talk about right now?

You're a photographer because you love photography!

Let me take the marketing side of things off your back and plan your year for you!!

"I've been scrolling for 20 minutes! I really need to post something!"

"I have no new photos, no caption ideas, and nothing feels authentic to me"

"well, that post took me 45 minutes to make. I wasted so much time on that!"

Have you ever said to yourself:

This is going to be your year!

i want the calendar!

So what's included?

Inside of this content calendar you will get 12 months laid out with clear indications of what to post each day + a breakdown of content pillars so you can customize on the days that call for it

what this is Not...

This is not 365 days worth of content ideas. 

I am a firm believer in taking breaks and not feeling like you need to post every single day.

Some ideas are also strategically repeated. 
Because we like to work smarter, not harder.

This calendar has blank days (mostly on weekends)

It also leaves room for you to pick a topic within one of your content pillars (these dates are clearly labeled)

give me access to this calendar!

I'm so ready!

gimme gimme!

content calendar for photographers

- one year -

12 whole months of planned out content, giving you a topic each day. As well as seasons and months to offer sales and promotions.

It's everything you need to start creating and worry less about the planning when it comes to your content for this year.

get the calendar for just $15