aspiring first generation cattle ranchers, husband and wife team, and parents to a little cowboy!

What started as a simple idea turned into our lifelong dream.

Our love story began in the Billings Montana airport, leading to a broken leg, cross country moves, wedding vows, and now onto our biggest journey so far... parenthood!

We want to bring you along our journey, welcome you into our lives, and show others that when you put your heart and soul into something, anything is possible.

We are sharing the steps we take, our plans and ideas, and our day to day lifestyle. 

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we are the elrod's!

we love Jesus, sarcasm, and creating business plans together.

currently we are living on a 50 acre ranch on the outskirts of Reno, Nevada but are planning to plant roots in northeast Montana.

Both of us have different experience in the Agriculture industry. Tyler, who worked as a ranch hand for 6+ years in Montana as well as owning his own custom farming business.

And Sarah, who grew up around horses and had her own professional training business from the ages of 18-23.

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