wife, mama, & Jesus Lover

i'm a podcast host, photographer, educator, and crazy horse lady. 

welcome to the wild west of the internet!

Western Photographer & Brand Educator

Welcome to the wild west of the internet where you can find the weirdest combination of weddings, entrepreneurship, and cows?? That's right. I like to keep it super real up in here because well, this is my website and I can.

I am just your average small town girl with not so average dreams.

My husband and I... (eep that's so weird to say out loud #newlyweds)

...are on a mission to becoming first generation cattle ranchers and in the midst of that, I get to document the prettiest cowboy weddings, and help teach western & rural business owners how to grow thriving businesses through online marketing & brand building.

Needless to say, there is a lot that goes on around here but we love it.

Whether you are here for business help, photography services, collaborating, following our ranching journey... or you just want to see what I am all about... Welcome! Pour yourself a margarita and stay a while!

based in reno, nevada & northern california


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western photography team

weddings > Couples > Brands

the Sarah Elrod photo team are photographers specializing in cowboy weddings, country couples, and western brands/businesses

Based in Reno, Nevada & Northern California... but willing to travel wherever the roads are dirt.

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the branded cowgirl podcast

hosted by sarah elrod

012: Q+A with my fiancé Tyler

015: creating multiple income streams

052: Should you have multiple IG accounts?

004: How to create a personal brand


014: tips for finding your "why"

005: THis will ruin your biz and life

064: Progress Over Perfection With Emily Reuschel

A business & lifestyle podcast for creative entrepreneurs & the western kinda folk who strive to live that small town dream but with a little spice!

Every week, Sarah brings you actionable tips & strategies to up level your business & take back control of your life! Let's chase down those dreams together and get a little wild while we do it!

If you are someone who aspires for more in life, then this is the Podcast for you!

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the blog

Yeehaw am I right?

the blog is an all in one resource where you will find everything from podcast show notes to inspiring stories, recipes, things from my personal life, wedding advice, and so much freaking more.

grab a cold one and let's dive on in.

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learn with sarah

specializing in western & rural businesses + brands

need help growing your business? do you want to take your side hustle full time? sell more? get better at marketing online? don't worry boo - i got you! 

I have helped photographers, boutique owners, graphic designers and more create business & marketing strategies that work for them and their lives.

i specialize in helping women within the western industry. the ones who have always been told they couldn't have a successful business in rural America. i see you, i feel you... because i am you.

if you want to take your business, social media account, and brand to a new level then let's do the dang thing babe.

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