hey, hi & howdy

my name is
sarah Elrod

I'm a wedding photographer for the ranchy-cowboy kinda couples and an educator for photographers and businesses in the western industry. 

I'm the host of The Branded Cowgirl Podcast, a wife to the Montana Cowboy of my dreams, a dog mom, and a horse mom. 

I have an unhealthy obsession with the show the Office and watch it at least once a day. Also Yellowstone... because... well need I say more???

I have frequent dance parties to Taylor Swift's old music and love chasing sunsets any chance I get. You'll more than likely find me out in the pastures or the mountains, but one of my happiest places is the ocean. 

I have a goal to make every day feel how sunshine feels. Warm, happy, bright, and joyful! I am on freaking fire for the Lord and all he has done for me. 

love stories are my thing


This is Tyler, my Fiancé. We have been together for over 2.5 years now and got engaged in September 2020 and will be getting married in September 2021! I am currently rebranding my business to fit my new name (so excuse this weird slow transition I am in to move everything to Sarah Elrod instead of Sarah Spackman LOL)

Tyler is my Montana Cowboy and everything I never knew I needed in someone. I guess it just goes to show that God's plan is better than mine! Ty makes me a better person, he humbles me, and loves me deeper than I ever could imagine. He's my very best friend.

01. We met when Tyler hired me to come train his horse + a few others. He was living in Hinsdale, Montana. A town with a population of only 200 people!

02. One of the Colts I was starting, bucked me off and came over the top of me and broke my leg. Tyler drove me from Montana to California that same night at the drop of a hat so I could get surgery.

03. We both love the ranching lifestyle and dream to go back up to Montana one day and run our own cows.

04. We have a 7 year age difference!

05. We are both serial entrepreneurs and believe there is more to life than working a 9-5 job.


about us!

i have aways been the cheeseball sucker for a good fairytale kinda girl

I was the little girl who always dreamed of having a horse, and for some of us that feeling never went away. I bought my first horse when I was 14 and it is still by far one of my greatest accomplishments. 
But life wasn't always easy. I was bullied in middle school pretty heavily, I was in an out of hospitals dealing with some crazy medical conditions for my age. 
I was a drama nerd, the girl who dreamed of being kissed at my senior prom, and busy being unapologetically myself. 

These days...

I am probably playing out in the sun, riding my horses, or thinking up new ways to help other entrepreneurs grow businesses that allow them to live with more freedom!

When I told people at 13 I was going to buy a horse, they thought it was a phase. When I told people I was going to have my own business, they smiled politely but told me to have a back up plan because most businesses fail. The doctors told me I would never live a normal life. And at 24 they tell me that two entrepreneurs shouldn't be together. Someone needs to have the "secure" job". Two wild kids chasing a dream of owning their own cattle ranch is just a dumb idea they say.

Well.. I say screw it. Screw all of it. I bought a horse at 14, I started 3 successful businesses, and the girl that was never supposed to be able to ride horses again, rides her heart out and does Cross-fit.

Beating the odds has been running in my blood since I was a kid and it's still the very thing I thrive on today. It's the very backbone to my entire business and it's the mindset I hope to be able to pour into other dreamers too.

my special talents include buying lots of cute outfits and still deciding to just wear leggings and a t-shirt

pop quiz



02. what is your favorite show?

03. I am most afraid of:

04. Beach or mountains?

05. someday i want to:

06. favorite thing to do on days off?

sushi or crab legs

wide open fields

be a mama!

hangout with tyler!

the office