my name is Sarah Elrod

I'm a business coach, a photographer, a former horse trainer, podcast host, ranch wife & mama to a little boy on the way!

- my favorite tv show is the office

- i am married to the montana cowboy of my dreams

- i love Jesus with my whole heart

- I can wiggle my ears and touch my tongue to my nose!

Hello Sunshine!

quick fun facts:

I always considered myself a bit of a black sheep. Because While my friends were heading off to college, i was trying to figure out what kind of business venture i wanted to take on.

when i really think about it, horses are where i got my start as an entrepreneur.

I used to go out with my moms camera and take pictures of my horses & eventually turned it into the business that i have today.

but i am more than just a photographer. I trained horses professionally for several years and it's even how I met my husband! 

i love the freedom that business ownership has given me. From allowing me to make my own schedule to being able to stay at home with my babies. 

And now, it's my goal to help other ranchy women be able to do the same.

taking the road less traveled...

but the most important ones are wife, mom, and child of God.

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What are some of the things that this small town business lady loves? this is the place to find out!

here are the tools i use to run my businesses smoothly, the places i love to shop to stay up with the latest trends, and all the mommy items of course.

my favorite things

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pop quiz



02. what is your favorite show?

03. I am most afraid of:

04. Beach or mountains?

05. someday i want to:

06. favorite thing to do on days off?

seafood (mama loves crab legs)

wide open fields

adopt a baby!

hangout with tyler!

the office


dive a little deeper

the story of meeting my husband

my first prenatal dR. Appointment

6 months of marriage & our wedding video

some of the greatest relationships i have in my life started online (just ask my husband!) And i truly would love for us to connect and get to know each other better so that i can serve you in the best way possible!

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